50% love it
Sleaze of Hamburg
In the spirit of the old St Georg, a special-interest bar where hungry young hustlers and dirty old men might not feel uncomfortable. Opened in 2002 by Tamara, this seedy and smoky establishment, located just south of the grimy and frisky Hansaplatz, is anything but dull, with restless youths in and out, up and down and in and out, particularly during the warmer whether when companion-hungry older man sit outside among the bar's resident talent. Indoors the emphasis is on kitsch (including a seven-foot-high Oscar statue) and sexual advancement, with bar stools and a dirty den at the back. La Strada left these premises late July 2017, awaiting a new location.


    • Fit4Fit
      Fit4Fit Over a year ago
      Loves it

      5 stars for the perfectly describes establishment
      I accidentally discovered this bar without actually looking at gay cities listing. It's exactly as what it was described. It's filled with hookers (apparently a lot of them are Bulgarians when I was there) and older men who admire them. There were also some twinks when I was there. Don't know if they were also being pimped or not. The place itself has quite a character. There's a charm

    • dcal
      dcal Over a year ago
      Hates it

      interesting place. Night bartender will rip you off
      It was a fun place. The night bartender is a thief. He tried to rip me off a few times but was caught. Even refused to give me change once, he said it was a tip for him. He finally gave it back but all in small change. Fire this one bartender and I would recommend it.

    • Gemütlich Kneipe
      There is a lot of young and very handsome Easteuropean men, and all are very kind, part of there business.