M&V Gaststätte

100% love it
Buzz of Hamburg
A Lange Reihe hot spot where 'everyone' goes on weekends, apparently even the odd Toms customer. The bar is full-on especially on Friday and Saturday, and attracts a spread of ages. In short, this is an old and woody beer bar made trendy, but in a nice way. It's long and narrow, with booths major plus. In short, casual and easy but not dull. Plus outdoor seating for up-close views of the Lange Reihe. Snacks and microwaved food are available for sustenance. Opened 2007.


    • Cosy
      Like to visite this place.

    • stefan.hornauer
      stefan.hornauer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice and easy
      Just steps away from the Central Station, M&V Bar is open every day with beers and all kinds of drinks. They got great vines, good coffee and you can sit outside and watch people go by. A good place to meet new people. The place is packed on weekends and you can bring you girls, too.