GayCities Members report that Amphore has closed
Trendyish café-cum-bar with a river view
Buzzy gay-friendly café-bar where you can sip on a double espresso perched above the harbour with a great view, located near another local landmark: the resident-collective garden space Park Fiction. Not a restaurant per se, but food offerings include eggs, pancakes, fishy breakfasts, Wurst, croissants and things of a seasonal and/or regional nature. Ownership has changed several times since its start in the 1980s, before which time the space was more in keeping with the red-light 'House of Love' aspects of St Pauli. There's just the one room, with 15 tables, but an outdoor terrace provides additional seating. Closing hours vary dramatically – from, say, 6pm to 9pm mid-week or anywhere from 11pm to 6am on a Saturday night – depending on time of year and whether someone's made a reservation. Located just minutes from the Reeperbahn. Sadly Amphore closed its doors December 2016.