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The revolution sells here
A propaganda-leaning Berlin artists' group that subverts bourgeois norms with artisan text-driven clothing items marked by ideological confusion. Elternhaus opened its first shop in comfortable Hamburg, with photographer Daniel Josefsohn as its artistic director from 2001. Elternhaus evolved out of the group Maegde und Knechte, and established their screwy irreverence and iconoclastic joie de vivre with the re-militarisation of army surplus clothing featuring freshly embroidered slogans such as 'Prada Meinhoff' and 'German draught'. T-shirts, pullovers, plastic tags and sticky tape followed, with none of them content to be straightforward consumer items. There's even an Elternhaus fragrance: MoslBuddJewChristHinDao. These 'idea carriers' no longer have a shop in Berlin.