Deutsches Schauspielhaus

Germany's largest space for live theatre
A grand German-language theatre staging both the classics (Schiller, Shakespeare, Kleist) and the works of modern writers. Located just opposite the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), Hamburg's neo-baroque Schauspielhaus opened in 1901, its red and gold auditorium showcasing the era's most famous theatrical architects, partners Ferdinand Fellner (1847-1916) and Hermann Helmer (1849-1919). With a capacity of about 1,200, the conspicuously beautiful interior originally accommodated 1,800. The theatre is open to visitors one Sunday a month, with two available consecutive hour-long slots (still 6 euros as of 2016). Booking is recommended as it's very popular and sells out way in advance. Check the website under Spielplan, then search on 'Blick hinter die Kulissen' ('behind the scenes'). The 2013 arrival of Karen Beier as director was hyped as a much-needed creative boost for the theatre.