Toms Saloon

93% love it
Old World leather, sometimes
Hamburg's signature gay bar no longer guarantees a crowded Saturday night of wall-to-wall leather and dirty denim — where in the world can, outside of special events? — but its standing in Hamburg gay lore remains untouchable. By far the city's oldest leather and fetish establishment, Toms Saloon was started up in 1974 by Peter Daun and Harald Tangermann, who sold it in 1979. A run of proprietors ended in 1990, when Harald Gressl took over. In July 2014 Toms employee David Schneider (2010's Mr Leather Hamburg and German Mr Leather) took over from an ailing Gressl. Toms recalls a time when black leather signified not only SM (then called S&M) but also the ultimate in so-called manliness. The scene has diversified greatly since, though leather's generation-proof sexiness — along with an increasingly casual dress code — should in theory keep the taps flowing in the Pulverteich. The motto here now is emphatically (and rather desperately) 'EVERYBODY WELCOME! BE YOURSELF! NO DRESSCODE!'. The bar's rather labyrinthine layout includes a shadowy and communal-feeling toilet area, a pitch-dark activity room and, most iconically, a gallery showcasing photographic prints of original luxuriant drawings by Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen), who made his name here in Hamburg. In August 2014, for the first time, the garden area ("Shhh!") did not open at all during the annual Hamburg leather party and much of Toms business has since shifted to S.L.U.T. [see entry], though Schneider maintains a tight fist here. He even introduced erotic art (by local Steve Hamburg) behind the bar. Note German disregard for the possessive use of apostrophes in 'Toms'. You're possibly more likely to find the original spirit of Toms two doors away at Basement XXV [see enty], a well-equipped weekend sex space operated by Toms.


    • A must in Hamburg
      To few in leather, uniform and so, as it was normal for 10 year and further back in the past, but still a very interesting keller bar.

    • JonEBbad
      JonEBbad Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nothing special but fun times....
      Average bar .... A few super hot guys came in and well needless to say they were down an Aussie when they left, e had some great drinks .... Bartender was very nice.... And the Aussie went home the next day happy and spent ;))

    • RubberBoyBerlin
      RubberBoyBerlin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One true institution in Hamburg gay life.
      A most if you go to Hamburg.