50% love it
Down a few steps to another world
Situated halfway between Steindamm and the Lange Reihe, just south of the Hansaplatz, is this basement bar hideaway that not a lot of people talk about but which has a certain pleasing local feel. A former brothel, the space was converted into a bar by a man named Thomas back in the 1970s, while his friend Helmut now oversees the operation. Red cushion stools and other deep red details recall the bar's origins. Definitely one from the old days. And not a bad thing.


    • Fit4Fit
      Fit4Fit Over a year ago

      Needs spicing up, or perhaps not.
      Depends on how you look at it, in my opinion, the place could do with some spicing up, meaning more gay music, nicer decoration etc. However maybe that's how the locals like it. When I was there it's frequented by older men with cute bartender. I would have stayed if the place was livelier

    • Give this dive a miss!
      I went into the Thomaskeller as I was told it was a local bar. Yes local but the young bar tender on the 3 times I went there is a theif! First night ok, second night i ordered a Becks and gave him a €20 note. I then witnessed this bloke put my money in his pocket as give me change of €10! As soon as I pointed this out he gave me my money. I thought this may have been just one bad cookie but I've literally just had a beer here tonight and the same dodgey barman was there. I purposely gave him €4 for a beer (it is €2.60)...the cheeky scumbag didn't give me my change. It's a filthy dive full of undesirables and you enter here at your own risk!

    • poulerik.nielsen.54
      poulerik.nielsen.54 Over a year ago

      Gemütlich Kneipe
      Keller bar with kind service.