Hotel Village

100% love it
'Reformed' brothel
The bad boy of Hamburg hotels, the Village (pronounced Villaaaaage) opened as a hotel in 1991, having spent the previous 30 or so years operating as a brothel. Stefan Schoenfeldt and Bernd Hodermann (both gay) transformed the bordello but appear to have retained the non-sterile sex-welcomoing feel of the previous tenant. Up on the fifth floor they added three relatively modern rooms, which contrast with the 17 semi-sleazy-feeling chambers on the floors below, many featuring the brothel's original silk walls. Admittedly the hotel does not appeal to all gays. whereas its velvetty baroque charms are apparently very popular with straight overnighters. Schoenfeldt and Hodermann run a second hotel (Hotel Beim Funk) in the Rotherbaum quarter, while this friendly and unrepressed one-off establishment is located in the thick of gay St Georg.